Fuzzfields' most important focus is to use and promote the importance of organic cotton and hemp, and non-toxic dyes.  Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, allowing soil to remain fertile (and used off season for food crops), water clear and the air pure.  Perhaps you've read about pesticide drift?

We respect human rights in the supply chain and visit our factories frequently, as well as using fabrics that are certified from growth to final product as Fair Trade. Sustainability issues such as water conservation and minimizing the impact of transportation are considered in the fabric selection process. It's a matter of ethics for us.

At the same time, we strive to provide a creative and appealing product that is differentiated from the fine work of other organic companies and fills a niche for contemporary dressing in professional and social situations.  We like artist drawn prints and innovative silhouettes.  Details such as thread, zippers and buttons matter.  Quality is paramount so that Fuzzfields' garments last.  Wearing clothes a long time is one of the most sustainable things we can all do.  Quality trumps quantity.

We wear or touch cotton practically all the time.  From clothes, to sheets, towels, underwear, ear swabs and even in some of the foods we eat (cottonseed oil is used to fry potato chips), the purity of the cottons we use in our lives is as important as the food we ingest.  In fact, thousands of airline employees have been filing complaints of rashes, respiratory issues and thyroid problems related to a recent roll out of new uniforms (after decades of the previous ones).  In response, they have been permitted to wear the former ones in lieu of the new ones.  Tests show detectable levels of formaldehyde, cadmium, chromium and other chemicals often used in pesticides and and detergents.  Other toxins to avoid include chlorine bleach and Teflon (used in outerwear).

How do we know organic labelled products are what they say they are?  Fuzzfields purchases fabrics that are certified by one of the commonly accepted organizations such as the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which ensures that the seed to garment supply chain meets strict environmental and social criteria.  Please contact us if you'd like to inspect a specific certificate or factory declaration.