FUZZFIELDS strives to design multi functional clothing that looks chic but has a relaxed feel. Our frequent use of knit and jersey materials for the backs of many shirts and trousers means there is a range of sizes everyone might fit.  We wanted to avoid the stigma of using words like small and extra large because they are not only laden with implication but inconsistent from one brand to the next. That being said we are offering a "00" size geared to traditional feminine proportions of front length and sleeve lengths.  This size is 2 inches shorter in the front length and sleeve than the "0." The size chart is a starting point however there is a range depending on how you like your clothes to fit and whether or not you will use the hoodies as shirts or jackets.


Shirt Sizing 0 1 2 3 4
Front Length 27" 27 1/2" 28" 28 1/2" 29"
Chest up to 38" up to 40" up to 42" up to 44" up to 46"
Sleeve Length 30" 31" 32" 33" 34"



Trouser sizing 1 2 3
Waist 30" 32" 34"
Inseam 30" 31" 32"