David here, founder and sole full time employee of Fuzzfields.  I wear many hats as an entrepreneur and have loved the excitement of building a branded collection since our launch in July of this year.  I'm also in charge of marketing and strategy and have made the decision to expand the Fuzzfields website to include the "Findz" I have come across in studying the ethical, sustainable, fair trade and organic/recycled niche of men's streetwear.  I live a holistic lifestyle that includes organic food, clothing, bath products and try to donate to charities I believe in when I am financially able.

Why not take all that experience and curate a collection of like minded brands that I like to wear and use?  Eventually I'd like to style some editorial shoots mixing up the different brands.

As much as I love developing the Fuzzfields' collection, it is truly difficult to offer and produce the wide array of products I'd like to.  Every category, from denim to outerwear, requires research and the commitment of time and resources.  Why not let the experts in those areas complement what I'm working on?

For now, I am working on mostly a referral affiliate basis with just a few collections.  I'm in negotiations to buy wholesale, but this is the quickest way to get up and running to see if there's a positive reaction to this approach.  Let me know what you think!

So, thank you in advance for perusing some of the collection I'm presenting from other great retailers and companies.  You can learn more about them once you are transferred to their site, marked on the "Buy" button of every product.

And if you come across something wonderful, I'd love to hear about it!

Enjoy these beautiful days of Autumn!