Why did we choose to start yet another clothing collection? FUZZFIELDS believes that the smallest positive change contributes to the big solutions and improvements the world needs now.  We choose to support and promote organic plant based clothing from fair trade sources as an answer to several social injustices. Over 20k farmers a year die from exposure to toxins, mostly pesticides, of which cotton is the major user.  25% of the world's pesticide use goes to growing conventional cotton.  After the tragedy of the Rana Plaza collapse and the resulting 1134 deaths, it is clear that under paid and under protected garment workers are subsidizing fast fashion and rampant consumerism with their lives. 

Luxury and ethical consumption need not exclude each other. Being produced from organic fabrics, the collection helps stop the cruel reality of pesticides used to grow conventional cotton and other crops.  With cotton representing 40% of the world's textiles, it's sad that only 1% of it is organic. Besides the inherent immorality that someone has to die feeding and clothing me, having pure fabrics touch our skin is as important as eating organic food.

FUZZFIELDS also focuses on comfort as the ultimate fashion luxury.  Much of the collection features woven fabrics such as poplin and twill on the front while the back is made of interlock or fleece knits.  You can look polished at the office, especially if you are sitting at a desk all day, but secretly enjoy the comfort of a track suit and knowing you are helping not hurting the environment or farmers and animals.